Frequent Flyer Program

In the new program, members will now earn actual miles flown and not points per segment. To be eligible for Membership in the New Program a passenger must accumulate 250 miles.

Points/Mileage Structure

New Tier Levels

The Basic tier will allow the enrollee to attain membership in the program; however, no benefits will be assessed at this level. All members will be issued a card after they have earned 10,000 miles in the program.

  • Bronze Level-5000-10000 miles
  • Silver Level-10001-15000 miles
  • Gold Level-15001-20,000 plus miles
  • Platinum Level-20001 and over

Tier Benefits

Bronze, 5000-10k miles:

  • Dedicated check-in line

Silver, 10,001-15k miles:

  • Earn bonus for five flights in one month (2500 miles)
  • 2Dedicated check-in line

Gold, 15001-20k miles:

  • Pre-boarding allowed
  • No change of itinerary fee
  • Second bag free during non- peak season
  • Bonus for five flights in one month (5,000 miles)
  • Dedicated check-in line

Platinum, 20k + points:

  • Pre- boarding
  • Second bag free all year
  • No change of itinerary fee
  • No transfer of points fee
  • Earn bonus for five flights in one month (7500 miles)
  • Permission to transfer 50% for family members
  • Dedicated check-in line


Redemption Levels

  • Round Trip redemption (Off Peak)-7500 miles
  • Round trip redemption (peak) 15,000 miles
  • One -way redemption-(off peak) 5000 miles
  • One-way redemption (peak) 7500 miles

Frequent Flyer Fees

Members will now pay for the following services:

  • To transfer points from one account to another $25.00
  • To redeposit their points if they do not use the reward ticket $25.00
  • To replace their loyalty card, $10.00
  • To change itinerary $60.00 for Silver & Bronze (International)

Frequent Flyer Customer Service

  • Customer Service will establish a dedicated check-in line for members.
  • Frequent Flyer Members will be identified and welcomed at check-in.
  • Agents will invite Platinum & Gold members to pre-board at their leisure.

Frequent Flyer In-flight

Cabin crew will greet Frequent Flyer members in their pre-departure message.

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