Restricted Items

Bahamasair policy, in conformity with the provisions of the Passenger Rules Tariff, restricts the carriage in baggage of any article, which would in any way endanger persons, property or aircraft.  This restriction also applies when any applicable laws, regulations or orders of any state to, from or over which Bahamasair flies forbid carriage.

Restricted Articles List

The tariff provides that certain restricted articles, as listed below, shall not be carried as baggage.

  1. Compressed gases such as camping gas (flammable, bon-flammable and             poisonous).  (See special handling procedures for scuba diving tanks on Page 16 of Section 100.4
  2. Etiologic Agents (such as live virus vaccines).
  3. Corrosives (such s acids, alkaline and wet cell batteries).
  4. Explosives, munitions, fireworks and flares.NOTE:  Small arms ammunition, for the personal use of the passenger, may be carried as regular baggage under certain conditions as noted  later in this section.
  5. Flammable liquids and solids (such as lighter or heating fuels, matches and articles which are easily ignited).
  6. Oxidizing materials (such as bleaching powders and peroxides).
  7. Poisons.
  8. Irritating materials.
  9. Radioactive materials.
  10. Magnetized materials.
  11. Other restricted articles (such as mercury, obnoxious materials or other articles described in IATA Restricted Articles Regulations).
  12.  Liquid PCP (Ethyl Ether).

NOTE: This is a colorless liquid, which has a strong characteristic odor of ether or acetone.  The substance is highly volatile and potentially explosive!  It contains ingredients related to a narcotic known as “Angel Dust.”  It is illegal in any form. If any suspicion exists that a passenger is attempting to transport this chemical on person, in carry-on or checked baggage, a supervisor should be alerted to verify the nature of the substance. If doubt still exists, the passenger and baggage should not be permitted to travel and the matter should be reported to local security and/or law enforcement officials as appropriate.


Bahamasair does not permit carriage of any of the above-restricted articles (hereinafter referred to as REART) in under seat, cabin baggage or regular baggage.


  1. Medicinal and toilet articles in small quantities, which are necessary or appropriate for passenger use during flight or at destination, such as hair spray, perfumes and medicines containing alcohol.
  2. Individual containers for such articles must not exceed 16 ounces net weight (except for aerosol cans, which may contain more), and the total quantity carried by one passenger must not exceed 75 ounces net weight (including aerosols).
  3. Dry ice in quantities not exceeding 2 kilograms (4, 4 pounds), used to pack perishables, as carry-on baggage only.
  4. With approval of the carrier(s), small oxygen cylinders for medical use, and small   carbon dioxide gas cylinders worn by passengers for the operation for mechanical limbs, may be carried subject to the Restricted Articles Regulation Manual.

Wire Report to NAS

As noted, restricted articles may not be carried in passenger baggage.  In the event that any such articles are discovered to be in checked baggage, a full wire report, including action taken by local authorities within the scope for national law, must be sent to NASKZUP, outlining complete details for the incident and what action has been taken to prevent reoccurrence.  This procedure is mandatory and must be followed in every instance of non-compliance with restricted articles regulations.