Other Travel Policies

Aircraft Assignment

Bahamasair Reservations representatives will advise you when it will be necessary for you to move from one aircraft to another during your travel, including when the flight number remains the same.

Travel Itinerary Policy

Bahamasair’s tickets are priced and sold based on the itinerary, and not as individual flight segments. If you foresee or must make a change to the itinerary while en-route; you must contact Bahamasair to determine how this may affect the ticket and remaining travel plans. For example, if you do not show up for one segment of your itinerary, we may cancel your seat assignment on subsequent flight segments.

Purchase of One Way Tickets

Non Bahamians are required to provide proof of return out of The Bahamas prior to entering the country.  Such proof typically is a return airline ticket. However, the following exemptions allow Non Bahamians into the country on a one way ticket:  work, spousal or permanent residency permit that would show proof of domicile in the Bahamas or persons returning from The Bahamas via ship.  Persons returning by ship must present at time of airline check in a copy of The Bahamas Customs Department Temporary Cruising Permit  and a letter from the Captain of the vessel designating who will join the ship and returning from The Bahamas.

Aircraft Configuration

Bahamasair’s Reservations representatives are able to provide you with a wide variety of information related to the airline fleet. Aircraft configuration, seat size, and seat pitch are just a few examples of information that can be obtained from our Reservations representatives.